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Tom Hanks was out selling hot dogs at a baseball game recently.

Found this story at  NBC Sports

Did you know back in the day, Tom Hanks served as a peanut vendor during Oakland A’s games when he was like 18?

In a video using an edited version of Hanks’ high school picture, the team announced his voice would be mixed in with crowd noise during their games at Oakland Coliseum.

During Oakland’s Opening Night on Friday, recordings of Hanks calling out, “It’s not a ballgame without a hot dog!” and “Hot dogs here! Colossal hot dogs!” could be heard from loudspeakers in the stadium.

"Hot dogs here! Colossal hot dogs!": Tom Hanks Serves As Virtual 'Guest Hawker' at Oakland A's games

The two-time Academy Award winner's voice will be heard as a virtual "guest hawker"- peddling hot dogs, peanuts and soda - as part of the crowd noise piped i...