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Super Bowl Host Committee is looking for ambassadors to welcome all of the football fans to Tampa in 2021.

A Community Ambassador Program has been launched and it is geared towards providing an enthusiastic and warm welcome to fans, special guests and participants visiting Tampa Bay for Super Bowl LV in February 2021. That means it won’t just be fans from around the world, it could mean if Luke Bryan decides to come, some of the ambassadors will get to shake his hand and welcome him to Tampa. We know lots of big names will be traveling south, especially since Tom and Gronk play for the Bucs and their probability of making the Super Bowl next year is very high.

According to the committee, if you are chosen to be an ambassador: The goal is to roll out the red carpet and display a high level of customer service to those visiting our area, creating memorable moments, and leaving an everlasting impact.

Super Bowl is going to be a busy WEEK, not just the single Sunday. They are looking for 8,000 ambassadors to volunteer to help with majority of the heavy lifting.

More information on the local host effort for Super Bowl LV and Community Ambassador Program registration details, on the official website.


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