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And this is another reason why we shouldn’t be littering face masks.  Ugh.

Animal rescuers in Britain had to help rescue a seagull in Chelmsford, Essex, after witnesses at a nearby business reported the gull seemed unable to move after they spotted it having difficulty walking.

The RSPCA responder found the bird had a disposable COVID-19 face mask tangled around both its legs. The bird was taken to South Essex Wildlife Hospital to have the mask removed, and the bird is being kept there as it recovers.

Rescuers say the incident should serve as a reminder to members of the public to properly dispose of their face masks due to the potential hazard to wildlife.

I see gloves and face masks tossed all over the ground.  Please don’t litter them.  Please dispose of them properly.

Seagull cut free from coronavirus face covering

Vets cut a seagull free from a Covid-19 face covering after it is found struggling to walk. RSPCA Inspector Adam Jones was called to Argyll Road, Chelmsford,...





You can read more about this poor bird HERE