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During the pandemic, many Floridians have been struggling but now help is on the way.

$75 million in relief funds will be available to Floridians and it all starts TODAY.

“Hundreds of thousands of Floridians who may have already had difficulty making ends meet are now suffering even more. Money for rental and housing relief we believe can tend to and address at least some of that uncertainty, economic anxiety, and general stress that so many of our residents have felt over these many months.”

-Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor

It will broken up differently for each Tampa Bay county:

Hillsborough County – more than 4 million
Pinellas County – more than 3 million
Polk will get $2.4 million.
Pasco and Manatee counties will each receive a little over $1 million.

To apply for assistance call 1-888-362-7885.

[Source: FOX 13 NEWS]

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