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Fisher the cat is making a name for himself in the outdoor living business.

Fisher’s owners stated sharing photos of him exploring and being adventurous around the Tampa Bay area and it wasn’t long before companies came knocking.

From swimming to tubbing and paddleboarding, Fisher the cat does it all while wearing an adorable cat life vest – or as I thought we could call it a “nine lives vest”!

Fisher looks like he is down for anything and is such a cool cat! He sure does love a great day out on the gulf – maybe we will have to invite him out for a day on the water.

With about 13K followers on Facebook and Instagram and a list of sponsors that are growing, Fisher is showing other cats what it takes to really be an influencer.

St. Pete cat becomes spokescat for various outdoor companies

Fisher the Maine Coon loves water sports so much that multiple companies have signed him up to be their spokescat.

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