Like most of us, the guys in Rascal Flatts have been spending a lot of quality time at home with their families because of the pandemic.

For Jay DeMarcus, the time has been great, because it’s a level of quality time he’s rarely had with his kids – Madeline, who’s nine and Dylan, who will turn eight on Monday (7/20).

Jay told us, “I’ve loved being able to be home with my kids and really connect on a deeper level than I’ve been able to, to be honest. And so, to spend that much concentrated time with them has been really, really awesome for me.”

He adds, “I loved being able to wake up and make them breakfast. I was a short order cook, for sure. Everybody would come into the kitchen and let me know what they wanted for lunch. I had my notepad there, I’d write it all down. It was really, really great.”

The other thing Demarcus is grateful for is the perspective that the pandemic has restored in his life. Having so much down time, Jay says, “It really forced me to take a look at everything and really know what’s important to me. And there were so many things I realized that I used to worry about so much that just don’t really matter that much, that I just don’t care about anymore. So I’m grateful for that time.”

Had the pandemic not happened, Rascal Flatts would be out on the road on their Farewell Tour, and they’d be traveling and making the rounds to promote their upcoming EP, and the title, track, “How They Remember You,” which is their current single.

How They Remember You, Rascal Flatts’ new EP, will be out on July 31st.