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Chick-fil-a’s Cow Appreciation Day, which has happened in the month of July since 2005, has been postponed because of coronavirus this year. The day will be  postponed until people can gather and celebrate in person. Their website says, “Until we can gather again in person and celebrate our Cows, we have created a few fun ways to keep the spirit of Cow Appreciation Day alive this summer.”

If you would like to celebrate Cow Appreciation day at home you can on Pintrest. You can view, download and print activities at home.

Cow Appreciation Day

Ever since 2005, we have celebrated Cow Appreciation Day - a tradition for Chick-fil-A ® that gives us the opportunity to thank our guests and is an excuse to dress up like the Cows! This year, we have decided to postpone the annual holiday in honor of our beloved bovines.