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Not only will teachers have to wear a mask when schools reopen in the Fall, but now students are too.

Just yesterday Florida Education Commissioner issued an executive order requiring all of Florida’s public K-12 schools to reopen in August. Now, we have news that Hillsborough County will require all students to wear face coverings, when social distancing isn’t possible. They even said that on the first day of classes, they will give three reusable masks to each student, teacher and staff member of each school.

I can see most middle and high schoolers following the rules but it’s going to be a struggle to get those younger kids in K-5 to keep the mask on. I feel for all the teachers who not only have to plan for their school year and teach, but also enforce some very new rules.

As a parent with a kid going to a Hillsborough County school I have to make a choice for my Declaration of Intent by Sunday, July 19. Here are our options:

  • Traditional face-to-face instruction
  • Full-time eLearning
  • Hillsborough Virtual K-12

This is going to be a tough school year.