Iowa just changed the game when it comes to drinking during quarantine. According to the New York Post, they are the first state to allow bars to sell alcohol to-go permanently.

So far, the service has been temporary around the U.S. due to the coronavirus. Iowa governor, Kim Reynolds, is signing a bill that will allow bars to continue selling booze for take-out and delivery for off-premise consumption.

The New York Post adds that the bill went into effect immediately, and it was passed last month by wide margins in the state House and Senate.

In a press statement, Dale Szyndrowski, vice president of DISCUS state government relations, he praises the bill. “Iowa’s hospitality businesses have suffered greatly due to the harsh financial impacts of COVID-19. Making cocktails to-go permanent provides a much-needed source of stability and revenue for local bars, restaurants and distilleries as they begin to recover.”

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