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The newest member of the “cast” of Cameo is a local celebrity who gained fame thanks to the Netflix documentary “Tiger King.”

It’s none other than: Carole Baskin!

Calling all “Tiger King” fanatics. The tiger QUEEN herself can now send you or someone you know a personal video message,  but it comes at a cost: $199!
Carole Baskin actually has a good track record, she has a 5 star rating from customers.

You can request a message from, CAMEO. It’s a website where you pay an actor, musician or reality TV star to send a personalized video message. I don’t know if I would pay for a celebrity for a short video but for a good laugh, I took a look through the list of all the celebrities just to see what ridiculous prices they are charging fans.

Do keep in mind, the celebrities on Cameo have the right to deny your request. I’m sure more than a few requests have been turned down from Carole and her husband. So chances are, if you put in an order for a message for Joe Exotic, it’s probably not going to happen.

Carole is not the only star from “Tiger King” that is on Cameo:

  • Jeff Lowe
  • Doc Antle
  • Dillon Passage
  • James Garretson
  • John Finlay

LIST: Celebrities on CAMEO