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That means the Cleveland Browns won’t be coming to Tampa Bay.

Well…this isn’t good news.  Half of the NFL preseason will be canceled, Just saw this tweet from CBS Sports reports.

The Cleveland Browns announced their first game at Chicago and fourth game at home versus Tampa Bay are off the schedule now.

The NFL has yet to make any adjustments to the regular season schedule, which is to begin Sept. 10, and remains hopeful that games could feature fans, even as the NBA, NHL and MLS prepare to play in isolated hub cities and MLB embarks on a season with empty stadiums.

Things are definitely going to be different if we do get to attend games:

The first six rows in a stadium be empty

Teams may ask fans to sign liability waivers if they choose to attend games, agreeing not to hold the franchise or venue responsible if they contract the coronavirus.

Fans would be advised — though not required — to wear facemasks, while concessions could go cashless, featuring only pre-packaged food.

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