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Launa's dog louie hides under bed when he is scared

Ugh… I love the 4th of July… but it’s stressful for me because I have a black lab that DOES NOT like fireworks.  I can’t even remember the last time I went out on the 4th…I always stay home with my dog.

I have tried everything.  The Thundershirt, CD’s that claim to help, playing with my dog, sedating my dogs, nothing helps.  Last year I left town with my dogs…took them to a remote cabin in NC, a 12 hour drive, only to be in the cabin right next to a guy lighting off fireworks…. my luck huh?


I feel your pain if you have dogs that don’t like the fireworks… A couple of things you can do…

1. Be calm: You will lead your dog by example, so if you remain calm, your dog might also.  They feed off of our anxiety

2. Work around them: Take the dog out for a walk before fireworks start, and keep it inside during the show.

3. Add your own noise: Turn on some noise to drown out the fireworks blasts as much as possible. if you have an Amazon Echo or other home audio device, you can usually ask or program it to “play white noise.”

4. Make a fort and let your dog spend time alone inside, and to feel protected.  I have their beds in the closet and in the laundry room

5. Close and lock doors so he doesn’t try to flee.

6. Talk to your vet: There may be meds to help dogs make it through the anxiety….I’m not a fan of drugging dogs during fireworks…they’re already so scared and then can’t understand why they are so groggy… I just feel so bad.

Read more HERE from petMD

Good luck to all the pet owners.  And just remember, we pet owners love to celebrate the 4th of July and see the fireworks, but when it’s over.  Be done.  No need to be letting off fireworks for the next 2-3 weeks like my neighbors do.  ugh!


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