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This is my favorite story – and it all started with a woman who wasn’t paying attention at a stop light.

Short story –

A man is behind a woman at a light….she’s not paying attention, so he’s honking the horn and they both miss the light to turn left.

While he’s sitting behind her car, he notices a sticker on her car that reads “My husband needs an O+Kidney and her info.

After he drove off and headed home, she turned into an apartment complex and he kept going.   He couldn’t help but think he should turn around and help that woman and her husband because he is O+ and he’s been donating blood for a long time.

He turned around – drove back to the complex she turned into and found her car.  He called her right away and she told him to head to TGH to start the paperwork to see if he was a match.

He was…and well….I think you can figure the rest out.

They are now really good friends and they are so thankful for that day at the stoplight that changed both of their lives.   Now his family drives with a new decal. It reads “Leave a living legacy, become an organ donor.”

It’s written out so much better from TampaBayTimes