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NO Shoes, NO Shirt.. NO Mask: NO Service will now become a normal thing in St. Pete.

If you don’t have a mask, this is probably a good time to get one if you plan on going to St. Pete anytime soon. St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman announced that ALL St. Pete business employees will be required to wear a face mask or covering when dealing with the public. All offenders will be fined. This will all become official Friday afternoon at 5pm. It will include people working at bars, restaurants, and other personal service businesses. He said that customers are still not required to wear masks in public BUT he advised business owners to adopt the mindset. The mayor also wants businesses to put a rule, “no shirt, no shoes, no mask…no service”

I’m glad the St. Pete Mayor is making this mandatory, because when I step out near the station, there are some employees at stores and restaurants who wear a mask but I’ve seen many who don’t. As cases keep rising, it’s important we stay up to date with the correct data and take the extra steps to wear a mask when out and wash our hands frequently.

Do you live in St. Pete and don’t have a mask? No worries! According to ABC Action News, free mask distribution sites are going to be restocked this week. The first round of 2,500 masks were distributed quickly and lasted less than a day.


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