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Some bridges don’t last forever, due to normal wear and tear and even natural disasters

The southbound lanes of the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart is closed indefinitely according to the U.S. Coast Guard due to “risk of an imminent collapse.” If you travel on this bridge, the Florida Department of Transportation said that traffic is being directed to one of the northbound lanes. You would think if the bridge was in that state, the whole bridge would be closed, but it could be like the Gandy and Howard Frankland Bridge where the north and southbound lanes are separate.

Early this morning at 2 a.m. the Coast Guard was even warning boaters that they need to avoid traveling through the bridge.

“All stations, all stations, this is United States Coast Guard Center Miami, Florida. All vessels are required to keep clear of the new Roosevelt Bridge until further notice, due to the risk of imminent collapse”


The Roosevelt Bridge is south of us on the east coast of Florida, but it is always good to know. Especially if you plan on traveling through Florida soon.

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