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What a great idea to spread some good vibes through the city of Clearwater.

I saw this story on  and thought it was such a great idea.

Back in January, residents of Clearwater were asked to submit pomes to the City of Clearwater.

They had 225 entries and the poems that were submitted were really good.

The best ones will be stamped in the concrete sidewalks later this month.

So next time you visit clearwater…look down on the sidewalk – you may have to stop and read a local poem.

Poems transform Clearwater sidewalks into written art

At first, it was the storm drain, and then the city dumpsters. Now, the city of Clearwater's sidewalks are about to get a makeover. "The idea of these programs is to kind of re-envision the way we use public space and to re-envision the way we engage residents," said Juliahna Green, the city of Clearwater's neighborhoods coordinator.