During the last few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad Paisley started to realize the real value of the American farmer, who like so many have been struggling while worked has stopped during the health crisis.

Brad told us, “Yeah, I am thankful for the famers. They are in it, and they can’t stop, and they know that. It’s not like they get to shelter in place, they have to go out to work, they have to have workers picking the crops, and packaging things. It’s the epitome of an essential business.”

He continued, “I’m guilty of reaching for an apple, and eating it, and not thinking about where it came from. Do you find yourselves picking up an apple and looking at the basket and there’s two apples left, and saying, ‘Oh we need to get apples?’ Then realizing that may not be on the shelf when you go to Whole Foods, they may be out of that. I know they’re out of certain things.”

Paisley adds, “Cheese slices in our kitchen, I’m looking in there and it was like, ‘Oh we’re down to two.’ Last night, I was going to pull out a cheese slice and eat it. I looked and there was two left, and I realized those are probably going in a sandwich today for the boys, so I had to leave that because I don’t know when we’re getting another packet of cheese slices. It’s different, it’s things we didn’t think about two months ago.”

Brad and his wife Kimberly recently opened a store in Nashville that relies heavily on the farmer’s goods called “The Store,” where they help feed families in need.