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We had a lot of rain and some crazy downpours on Saturday in Tampa Bay. However, over in Orlando, there was some scary weather. Three tornadoes were spotted in three hours and one was even in downtown! The National Weather Service even confirmed an EF-1 tornado in Orange County. Here’s some of the wildest video from Saturday night.

Tornado captured in Lake Conway area in Orlando

Incredible video captured of a tornado moving through the Lake Conway area in Orlando Saturday. Credit: Meg Borda

Orlando tornado causes power flashes

A tornado moved through parts of downtown Orlando on Saturday, June 6, resulting in power flashes. More: ►Subscribe: https://on.wtsp.c...

What’s open, what’s closed in Tampa Bay

Some Florida businesses are reopening as the number of COVID-19 cases begin to go down. Many have limited hours and capacity so it’s a good idea to call ahead.