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Florida is back up and running, slowly but surely… One major thing we notice when this happen was the amount of people going back on the road.

I don’t know about you but My commute work has been getting longer each week. Also, if use I-275 on the weekends, there are so many cars headed to the beach. I get it, might still be working from home, but the beach is worth the traffic.

The Florida Highway Patrol released new numbers and they show an increase in the number of crashes in Tampa Bay for the month of May. That’s crazy how there was no one on the streets in April and now practically everyone is back on the road. FHP says there were 352 crashes in Hillsborough County and  139 in Pinellas for April. They saw the numbers go up in May to 505 in Hillsborough and 243 in May. Those are high numbers, but last May, there were 1,031 crashes in Hillsborough County. WOAH! Either people are being more cautious or there are still a lot of people staying home. Meanwhile, high rate of speed citations for going over 100 mph decreased in Pinellas County by 50%, with 67 citations in April and 31 in May.