Josh Turner’s management company Modern Management as well as a Tennessee company that operated Turner’s bus is being sued by members of his own road crew, due to the September 2019 crash in California that killed one member of his crew.

According to The San Luis Obispo Tribune, the crash, which occurred after a concert at Vina Robles Amphitheatre in Paso Robles, California on a stretch of highway locally known as “Blood Alley” for a series of deadly vehicle collisions, killed sound engineer David Joe Turner (no relation to Josh Turner).

Josh and his band were traveling in a separate bus at the time and were not involved in the crash.

It’s not clear what caused the driver of the bus, Bradley Dratnol, to leave the roadway, crash through a barbed wire fence and continue on for about 200 yards through dense vegetation before driving the bus off the edge of a creekbed.

David Turner, 64, and other occupants of the bus were ejected from the vehicle. At the time, the CHP said seven people, including Dratnol, were injured.

The crash site was only a few miles from the location of the infamous wreck that killed James Dean on September 30, 1955, near the Cholame “Y,” where Highway 41 branches off from Highway 46.

The complaint alleges that the two companies didn’t exercise reasonable care and should have known that the bus was in a dangerous and defective condition — including the absence of seat belts, which created a reasonably foreseeable risk of injury to its passengers.

A court hearing has been scheduled for September.