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Brothers Osborne just released a new song called “All Night” and they are almost done with their third album, which they worked on before the pandemic.

As TJ Osborne shared with us, he and his family have been taking a much-needed break and having family fun during the long quarantine. He told us, “I think we’ve really found different ways to keep ourselves occupied and do things that we typically wouldn’t do. John and I had been discussing just how we just like to work. I mean, we don’t know how to stop. It’s just how we were raised and we will go we will work day after day for months or even years and just don’t stop. And then we’ll take a day off and just feel really guilty about it for some reason. And this is allowed us without feeling any of that, like a true reason to stop.”

John Osborne adds, “I’ve been cooking a lot in a lot of things where obviously we can’t hang out with a lot of different people. But our little isolation group that we’ve been with, we’ve been able to hang around and get some really great quality time with our friends and our family. And I’ve been setting up this drive-in movie nights at my house where I set up a big screen outside and then people that aren’t in our group can come over and watch a movie so we can at least see each other and be near each other.”