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This is one of those stories that will make ya feel good!

I saw it on and just loved this idea.

They call him The Happiness Guy and he has put up over 81 signs in and around St. Petersburg.

74-year-old Gary King believes it is helping him heal from a lifetime of struggling with PTSD.

He travels the world speaking about positive thoughts and he also wrote a book called:  “The Happiness Formula: The Ultimate Life Makeover.”

What a great idea you can even do at home.  Put signs up around your house and yard.

Next time you’re in St. Pete and you see a sign – you’ll now know it came from Gary – The Happiness Guy.

'The Happiness Guy' hammers up 81 signs of positivity across St. Petersburg | The Rebound Tampa Bay

Gary King hammered up 81 of his signature signs across St. Petersburg as a way to heal his own pain and uplift others. Story: