The Brothers Osborne would love to play shows by the end of this year, but they realize that they may not his the road until 2021.

John Osborne told us, “We’re planning on spring of next year. That’s what we’re planning on. Our hopes are that, you know, we’ll get some shows in before the end of the year, maybe later in the year.”

The duo have shifted things around a bit to make sure they pay their band through the quarantine. John offers, “We have made financial plans and life plans we have our crew and band who are still on salary. We’re not letting them go. We’re making financial adjustments to keep them and keep them paid and make sure they’re fed, their families are fed, but we’re having to do some creative things just to keep them paid.”

He adds, “We’re gearing up for a whole year of nothing. And if something comes in, then great. That’s a little cherry on top.”

The guys have just released a brand new single from their upcoming unreleased album, called “All Night.”