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Kenny Chesney has been promoting his new album Here and Now in Nashville, but before he was in promo mode, he was quarantined.

Kenny told Taste Of Country, “I will tell you I quarantined for a week on a boat. And there’s no better place to quarantine than there. Nobody is around you, at all. Which is great. But I had to get off that boat and I had to come home and talk to you guys.”

Chesney also said that the title song on his new album “Here And Now” fits with the time of self-reflection and quality time with loved ones that most of the world has been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. He offered, “It’s what this time right now has really, really … it’s been good for all of us that are busy that want to be still, because now we’re forced to be still. And it’s forcing us to live in the here and now.”

He added, “For me, when you’re all the time planning to be somewhere else, it’s hard to live in the moment. I love the song because it’s what I crave in my life, but it’s also what I want to preach to my audience. Or what I want to say to them, I don’t preach really — and how special it is to be up there, to see them and them see me and we get to spend three hours together. We don’t have to worry about later tonight. We don’t have to worry about yesterday or tomorrow or last week or last year, all we gotta worry about is right here, right now. And love each other and enjoy the music, and that’s what made me really love the song.”