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Germany Debates Highway Tolls Introduciton

We haven’t seen much of the road recently but when you start your commutes again, you might seem some changes.

Not only will you notice differences on the road, because construction is still underway on major roads in the Tampa Bay area, but rates are going up on the Selmon Expressway. I saw this coming, too. With all of the work they are doing on the crosstown and not many cars traveling, they are trying to make the money to keep up with it all. I don’t drive the Selmon much, but I can only imagine other toll roads will follow suit.

According to Fox 13 News, the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority will raise toll rates for its 2021 fiscal year, which starts in October. It will be a 2.5% increase, plus another 11-cent increase on its toll-by-plate surcharge.

Here are the new prices:

  • $1.88 on the east mainline reversible express lanes for SunPass holders and $2.24 for toll-by-plate users
  • $1.25 or $1.61 at the west mainline
  • $0.93 or $1.29 at 50th Street and Willow Street
  • $0.63 or $0.99 at 22nd Street and Plant Avenue