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Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have a date planned this Saturday night (5/2) as they are playing the Grand Ole Opry.

Garth said, “During this time, they’ve been just having guys show up and do their thing. Me and Miss Yearwood – we’re going to be doing The Opry. I’m going to do some of the greatest country music on the planet for me. So, I’m sure there’s probably going to be some [George] Jones, there’s going to be some Randy Travis, some [George] Strait, [Merle] Haggard. And then you know The Queen – she’s going to sing some of the greatest stuff ever and it could all be her stuff, too. This is going to be a fun Saturday night right here.”

The long-running show has kept its weekly broadcasts (dating back nearly 100 years) uninterrupted lately by hosting performers in an empty Opry House, with a bare bones crew on-hand.

Garth and Trisha – both longstanding Opry members – are looking forward to taking the stage. Brooks said, “Is it too soon to say maybe the cloud’s kind of clearing? Maybe? All my love to you and your family. Nothing but safeness and health.”