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Over the years Dustin Lynch has brought his live shows to town, and he always delivers a good time.  So, we were excited to have him as our next Superstar Mini Concert, and hearing him play some of our favorite songs like Ridin’ Roads and Small Town Boy.

“I’m having a blast right now, kinda hosting a mini concert; this is a first time for me.  I’m in a closet in my basement at my house, kinda of a makeshift studio right now, because I can’t travel to the one I usually record in, in Nashville, TN, for obvious reasons.  I hope this finds you well, I hope this finds you nice and happy, whether you are in your car, at home, even at work.  For all you guys and girls that are on the frontline, thank you guys so much for keeping this country up and running, keeping us safe, keeping our health before yours, that’s just incredible stuff!”

Find out which of his new songs is one of his favorites, what he’s learned to appreciate, and his writing process for his new album.

Dustin talks about his new single Momma’s House. “I just love the lyric of the song, it hit me right in the gut the first time I heard it and it hits me in the gut every time I get to sing it live.   The song is about one of those break-ups that just break you completely down, that just destroys your world, you think it’s over.  I think we can all relate….that first heartbreaks tough, and um, it’s one that we learn from and one we learn that we can survive and to go find that happiness down the road somewhere else with somebody else.”

“I think I am going to come out a stronger person from this all, I know we all are going to as well, as a group, as a whole.  I will tell you this; live music has never meant so much more to me than it does right now.  Getting to perform, I never took it for granted, but man not having it at all right now, it really has allowed me to see how much I love playing live shows.  Can’t wait to get up to guys, and put on a show and have a big old party.”

Dustin’s new album came out earlier this year and it holds a special place for him. “We started this year out in a very big way, we started out with the number one song in country music, we started out with releasing a brand new album, my fourth album called Tullahoma, it’s an album that I poured two and half years of my life into, writing, recording.  As we went along, I realized I was writing for what was to me is a fictional character, but also is I guess me in a way, when I am back home, a small town boy.”


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