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Gasparilla is the biggest party in Tampa and in 2021 we might have the best Gasparilla Tampa has EVER SEEN.

I’ve lived in Tampa for so long and I usually try to avoid the crazy parts of Bayshore when it is Gasparilla weekend, but in January 2021 our Tampa Bay Buccaneers might make it to the Super Bowl with their newest additions of BOTH Tom Brady and Ron Gronkowski. Not only can our home team represent the Tampa Bay area in the Super Bowl, BUT do you know where the Super Bowl will be in 2021? Raymond James Stadium in Tampa! Ok, but it gets crazier… Gasparilla will be on Saturday, January 30th and if the Bucs are headed to the Super Bowl that float is going to be the one everyone is going to be waiting for in Downtown Tampa. Rob Gronkowski is a known partier, so you know he will be there, and Tom Brady is a family man, so his family will probably join the festivities. Then, the next weekend on Sunday, February 7th will be Super Bowl LV. Can I go ahead and call off for work Monday, February 8th…?

I can’t believe the Bucs acquired not one, but TWO future Hall of Famers this offseason.
Now here is to hoping the NFL season goes ahead as scheduled…

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski BROMANCE In Photos: