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Do you think this is the right thing to do now?

They have been closed for weeks, but during an emergency meeting yesterday….Pinellas County Commission talked about opening private pools at condominiums and parts of the county’s beaches for exercise and recreation.

This could go into affect Thursday and would allow residents to use the shoreline for walking and jogging, but not allow crowds to congregate in beach chairs or under canopies. Another could allow private condominium pools to open, but would prohibit people from gathering on pool decks.

Do you think people will behave and follow the rules or do you think people will grab their coolers and towels and pretend that everything is back to normal?

The concern is:  senior citizens need pools for exercise, and people in Pinellas county have been responsible.

Commissioner Dave Eggers cautioned that public parking lots would have to remain closed to people who live outside the county so visitors don’t flood them like last month….which I agree with.

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What’s open, what’s closed in Tampa Bay…