Weekdays 10AM-3PM

Stores close at 9p daily. They are also reserving the first hour of shopping each Wednesday to support the elderly and people with underlying health concerns.

I’m so happy to hear this.  They need a break, too!

I was at Target the other day in St. Pete and was talking to one of the cashiers and they said Target is giving them Easter Sunday off. Lowe’s and Trader Joe’s will also be closed on Easter Sunday.

The reasoning behind the closing is simply to give their employees a break after they’ve worked so hard during the coronavirus pandemic.  These people working are over-worked, stressed and putting themselves out there hoping they don’t get exposed to the virus.  Anyone working at a place like that is putting their own life at risk.  It’s scary, I deal with it, too.

Lowe’s did announce that the over 300,000 employees won’t lose pay or hours because of the closure.

Sprouts, Costco, and Sam’s Club have also announced that they will be closed on Easter Sunday.

There are a lot of us who are working extra hard and doing double the work to keep everything going, so I hope that everyone can get some deserved time off this weekend and celebrate Easter.

Trader Joe’s And Other Stores Give Employees Off On Easter Sunday