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Fishing in Tampa Bay

Next time you can’t find bait…head to publix!

I love to fish, and I’m lucky that my boyfriend loves to fish too and has a boat, so we have been going out a lot more lately.  Problem is, we can never get any bait.  We sometimes get lucky, but if you’re a boat person, you know somedays are better then others.

Well…I think I might head to Publix next time we wanna fish, cuz posted this story about some guys catching fish with Publix fried chicken!

They caught a 33-inch snook near Tampa Bay – using only Publix fried chicken as bait.

We have a resident snook that lives at the end of our dock we’ve named “Sammy”, I’m totally going to toss some out there next time I run to Publix and see if he eats it!!


Catching snook on PUBLIX FRIED CHICKEN!

Guess what the President of our company caught using a piece of PUBLIX FRIED CHICKEN as bait. A little background to the story... the snook around this...