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Ashley McBryde releases her sophomore Never Will album today (4/3.)

She said of her second album, “Even though you try to avoid pressure, you can’t because your second record has to prove that your first record was not a fluke. But if we thought too hard, we would have neutered ourselves and not taken some of the chances we wanted to take.”

Ashley added, “At first, I thought, I don’t know if all these songs go together,” she continued. “Then, when we laid them all down, I saw, oh yeah. They do. It’s called range. You’re a complete person. You don’t just make a rock record. You don’t just make a country record. You make your record.”

McBryde posted to Instagram this morning (4/3), “The day that we recorded the song ‘Never Will,’ I told the guys that we were making a promise. We don’t listen to the noise, we don’t read the comments, we make cool music that we want to make and we hope you want to listen to. And that ended up being the name of the record! Today is the day! The new album ‘Never Will’ is available everywhere that is still open!”

Ashley will perform an acoustic set this Saturday, April 4 at 7 p.m. CT on the Grand Ole Opry, kicking off its #UNBROKEN charitable campaign for the MusiCares COVD-19 Relief Fund.