Coronavirus Information Center

The country is trying to test as many patients as possible who are showing symptoms of Coronavirus but there are just not enough tests to go around. Now, dogs are currently being trained to sniff it out…

Medical Detection Dogs charity teamed up with Durham University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to test and see if dogs can sniff out COVID-19 patients. I didn’t think it were possible but this same charity trained dogs to detect malaria, cancer and Parkinson’s. That is really impressive, I thought dogs could only be trained to sniff out people, objects and drugs… Not illnesses. Since they are only in the training stage each doggy diagnosis will be followed with a COVID-19 test. They said the dogs could be ready in six weeks. This could be an instant test that won’t take three or more days to get the results. They said the tricky part is to make sure the dogs are SAFELY catching the odor, protecting not only humans but the dogs, too.

I’m curious to see if the dogs can accurately do this… I guess we will wait and see.