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Last week Walmart announced they will be offering contact-less payment, pickup and delivery options.

Groceries are still open and they are doing their best to make sure they are not apart of the spread of COVID-19, as much as they can.

In the coming weeks you can use Walmart Pay on the Walmart app, where customers can upload their payment and scan their QR code using their smartphone. No cards, no cash, just one beep. It has become almost impossible to get a delivery time and location for a lot of stores in the area but if you are one of the lucky ones and get a time slot you can partake in the no contact pickup and delivery. Walmart costumers who choose to pickup can open their trunk and a Walmart employee will load the groceries, no signature needed. I wish they rolled over the cart and I will load my own groceries, this is what they are doing at Ikea. As for delivery they will also skip the signature,and have delivery drivers leave the order on your doorstep.

Associates adapt to a new normal

(inspirational music) - Closing overnights has helped the store tremendously as far as putting more effort in cleaning and sanitizing the store. In order to keep our stores clean, we've put together a clean team. What they will be doing is sweeping the floors, cleaning any side counters that's empty right now.

[Source: ABC WATE]