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I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t let my kid in the house either….it’s way too dangerous right now.

If you’re going to risk traveling right now because you want to go party – then you’re going to have to deal with being quarantined for 2 weeks.

That’s what happened to a family in NYC.

After warning his son not to travel to Texas for spring break, a New York City father had no choice but to tell his kid not to return home.

His dad spoke with him every day and told him that maybe they should come home because the news was getting worse and worse.   His son sent him pictures of he and his friends congregating outdoors and listening to live music on the beach and that is exactly the opposite of what he was supposed to be doing.

Peter Levine explained to the New York Post, “His grandparents live here and there is no need to expose them to god knows what he had been exposed to.”

Matt, who is 21,  is back at his off-campus apartment in Massachusetts. When his lease runs out in June, dad says he doesn’t know where Matt will then go.

Would you let your 21 year old inside?

I haven’t even seen my dad, he’s 77 and I’m choosing to stay away since I am still out working and seeing people at work everyday.



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