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Carly Pearce released her self-titled sophomore album on Valentine’s Day and was in New York City to promote it shortly after singing live for the first time on ABC’s Good Morning America along with her husband Michael Ray.

Carly told us about being in New York City just before the COVID-19 pandemic began, “It was interesting. I wasn’t nervous, to be honest with you, it was a very weird day because I had played Rachael Ray the day before and everybody in New York was really acting strange about the Coronavirus. And we were like, ‘Are people just overreacting up here or what are we missing?’ So we went to GMA and it was the first show that GMA ever had with no live audience.”

She continued, “So Michael and I, not only is it my first time on GMA, but I’m having to perform with no one there. And everybody was acting kind of weird, but it was really fun to be able to do it with Michael and with my band and do our song and debut that. So I loved it and I wasn’t really nervous.”

Things changed dramatically in the weeks after Carly’s New York City visit and she admits it’s been tough. Pearce told us, “It is not fun and it is really difficult to be holding all this new music and be so excited and have a tour that you don’t know if it’s gonna happen and have all these plans for the year. That kind of came to a very large screeching halt. I have to believe that, you know, thankfully we’re all in it together and we’re all trying to figure it out together. And hopefully we will be able to find creative ways to get the music to fans.”

Carly said she is leaning to faith during this time, “My big thing right now has been faith over fear and believing that this too, shall pass. I’m trying to look at it as a message from God that He’s telling us all to slow down and that life as we know it can be taken away very quickly if we take it for granted. And you have to remain grateful and believe that this is time that will not last forever and that you can find good in this and hopefully give yourself some room to deal with the emotions that you have.”