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Oh boy….he’s really doing this.  Blake Shelton is bringing back his famous mullet.

I look at pictures of Blake Shelton today – he’s so good looking, he dresses just right and he has gorgeous hair.  Then I see pictures of him back in his mullet days, and I’m like, Yuck.

I dated a lot of guys with long hair back in the day, but to have that hairstyle now?  Why?

Blake is bored – so he’s growing the mullet back and Gwen Stefani is helping. He announced he would be doing this last week on social media. 

Stefani and Shelton posted a Twitter picture of them posing with his new hairdo. “Should’ve been the “Nobody But You” cover … damn it,”

Blake’s mullet is accompanied by three stripes on the side which was hot in the ‘90s.

Shelton had to cancel his tour prior to the Coronavirus restrictions, he’s still scheduled to appear on The Voice for the live shows in May and he’ll join Gwen on ACM Presents: Our Country Special on CBS on April 5th.


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