Weekdays 10AM-3PM

In store seating areas are closed, but take out and drive thru remain open.

Well, this is pretty cool.   The coffee chain announced in a blog post that all U.S. and Canadian employees would be paid even if their store is closed or they’re otherwise unable to come to work.

Wow…that’s awesome for those employees!

Starbucks has closed its locations to all but drive-thru and delivery orders.  CEO Kevin Johnson wrote “We believe no partner should be asked to choose between work and their health”

Hmmmm…..Should other large companies follow Starbucks’ example and do the same for their workers?

Is your job “letting” you choose or do you feel like you are jeopardizing your health by continuing to work?

I’m still working, I don’t feel like I am jeopardizing my health, as long as my co-workers are being smart and careful….I guess I really have to trust them right now.

Myself and another person here at QYK both live with people who work in medical field and another a first responder, so we have to be careful that they don’t get exposed, give it to us and we bring it into the building.  It’s hard to know…so we are wiping everything down – two and three times.

I’ve never used so much hand sanitizer in my life!

I do love that Starbucks is doing this.  They have made soooo much profit, its nice to see they are giving back when their employees need it.