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Beating Coronavirus In Tampa Bay is a roundtable discussion with some of your favorite Tampa radio personalities. We’re powering through the pandemic and coming together, but keeping 6 feet apart. We’ll do what we must to slow down the spread of coronavirus in Florida but still live our lives. This time, Geno from Q105 is joined by WiLD 94.1’s Orlando and Nio from 92.5 MAXIMA.

How are their kids doing staying at home? What small Tampa area businesses would it break your heart to lose during this slowdown? There are special moments happening as we spend more time with our families. In fact, because of coronavirus, Orlando accurately points out some families will get bigger in about 9 months. And being two Program Directors (the boss!) at their respective radio stations, how do they set a balance between informing and entertaining Florida listeners?

Deserted Las Vegas

During the podcast, we referenced these creepy empty photos taken in Las Vegas…

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