Coronavirus Information Center

Not only will all of the 12 universities within Florida’s State University System continue the semester online, the physical in-person graduations on campus have also been called off this May
These students have worked very hard and now they won’t have the chance to commemorate the years they’ve work toward their degree with a traditional commencement ceremony. This includes are very own University of South Florida in Tampa along with many of the other state schools in Florida.

The State University System announced that they are taking additional measures to protect the state from COVID-19 spread.

Remote instruction will continue through the end of the spring semester at each state university. Students are being asked to go home if they are able to.

“The State University System is actively monitoring conditions in the State of Florida as it pertains to COVID-19 and working closely with Governor DeSantis and state officials to take all actions necessary to protect the health and safety of our campus communities,” state officials wrote in a statement.