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The coronavirus has hit home now. Bern’s says their famous wine cellar and kitchen are off limits right now to guests. The legendary steak house is known for their free tours through the enormous wine collection and meal prep area, but with the concern about the spread of the virus, you can certainly understand the reasoning behind this move.

Emeril Checks Out Bern's Steak House

Emiril Lagasse and the Cooking Channel take us on a tour of the Bern's Steak House Wine cellar in Tampa, Florida

Bern’s says, “The health of our guests and staff is paramount and while we understand these tours are a unique part of the experience at Bern’s Steak House, we must adhere to the recommendations of health professionals.” Here’s the rest of the statement from the restaurant:

Enough about what’s called off… Here are 10 fun things to do this weekend in the Tampa area that keep your risk low as long as you keep your personal space personal!

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