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If you are a fan of eating at Krystal then this is a reason to get excited.  Krystal has brought back the ‘All You Can Eat’ deal and it is only $7.99. They will also offer Cheese Krystal sliders, Chili Cheese Pups and fries as part of the deal. “What’s great about the size of our food is it allows guests to indulge in several of their menu favorites,” Tim Ward, Krystal president and chief operating officer, said in the statement. “Now they can pair our No. 1 seller, the Cheese Krystal, with the best-kept secret in fast food, the Chili Cheese Pup, and enjoy as many as they want!” Krystal also announced a Krystal Catch meal, which is a hush puppy-battered fish slider for $1.49.