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Just in time for Lent…You Can go to Chick-Fil-A and get your fish on!

Not sure if you knew this, but in observance of Lent, Chick-Fil-A has brought back their fish filet sandwich.

You can get the traditional or deluxe style sandwich….or order it as a two or three-count meal that comes with the waffle fries we love so much!

It’s only at participating locations. Here is where you can find a list of the stores selling these seasonal items. 

Will Chick-fil-A serve fish in 2020?

Yes! Fish will be offered at select restaurants for a limited time. Fin-tastic news, everyone: The seasonal Chick-fil-A® Fish Sandwich is back at select restaurants during the late winter and early spring! And as in years past, cod will be the catch of the day.

I found this on  I really need to stop looking at this site….lol