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Mayonnaise is one of the most used condiment.

Some love it and others loathe it.

Think about this one:  mayonnaise slices will soon be available in Japan. Yes, slices.

I found this on today.

The condensed mayo looks a lot like individually wrapped cheese. It’s a perfect replacement for sandwiches when you don’t want to plop down and spread your mayonnaise.

I guess a few years ago, slices of ketchup were a thing, I don’t remember it, but clearly didn’t take off.

Let’s see what happens with this.  I want to know if you still have to refrigerate it tho?  lots of times I don’t use mayo because it needs to be kept cold when I can’t keep something cold.  I go to Publix and take some of those packets instead.  That doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but I always keep mine in fridge.  weird.

They are also releasing chocolate and tuna slices.

I’m out.  gross.