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The Bartow High School cheer squad is celebrating after winning the state, national and world championships.

This is a pretty big deal….

I know a lot of you parents follow your kids day after day, weekend after weekend for cheer…lots of money and time goes into this…so it’s nice to see a local team win all three titles.

Check out their story that did on them.

They won, State, National and World championship!

This isn’t the first time Bartow has won: ¬†They now have 7 State, 4 National and 3 World Championships, but never all at once!

Congrats Bartow!

Bartow cheerleading squad lands rare triple crown

Their stunts will make your jaw drop. Their skilled routine is the result of an entire year's work and sacrifice. And it all paid off: One Polk County cheerleading squad is celebrating their biggest victory ever. MORE: