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A kid in England had an interesting request for his birthday and it involved an iconic horror movie character. Carter Murphy wanted to get picked up from school by Jason, the villain from the “Friday the 13th” movies. His dad got in touch with a special effects guy who agreed to dress up as Jason. Carter’s dad checked with the school first, and they didn’t want Jason to actually approach the building, for obvious reasons.  So he met Carter around the corner, and his costume was very real looking.  Now photos of it are going viral. Carter’s dad says he freaked out and won’t stop talking about it.

Watch the video that Carter’s dad took of Jason and Carter below.

Dad granted son's birthday wish to be picked up from school by Jason Voorhees | SWNS

This is the moment a dad granted his son's birthday wish - to be picked up from school by JASON from Friday the 13th. Sam Murphy wanted to surprise his son Carter, who has ADHD, with a special treat for his big day.