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Getting ready for the second show of 2020!

We got the awesome experience to get on the dirt before the real fun begins at Raymond James Stadium for show #2 for Monster Jam this Saturday.

I got the chance to talk to Bryce Kenny and he shared with us how he went from a being a professional drag racer to becoming a Monster Jam truck driver for Mohawk Warrior.

“If you think about Monster Jam, we back flip these things all the time. That’s a really good day of Monster Jam! If you back flip a dragster that’s a really bad moment. It’s amazing just the work that’s goes into making this stuff happen…”

– Bryce Kenny, Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Monster Jam Truck Driver

Then we got a visit from Todd LeDuc, Monster Energy Truck Driver, who talked face-to-face with his competitor…

“We’re in a tight battle right now. We’re not friends on the track because we are trying to go for that automatic bid for the World Finals…”

– Todd LeDuc, Monster Energy Monster Jam Truck Driver

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Check out the video below:

99.5 QYK - Hanging out at Raymond James Stadium with the...

Ready for Monster Jam show Number two. You know what I wanna jump right in and ask you cuz there has been a different answer. Each driver that we've talked to is where in life at what moment do you remember when you first thought, Oh, maybe I do wanna drive big ass trucks and smash into things and jump things.

FREE pit passes and ride truck passes are still available for show #2 for Monster Jam at Raymond James Stadium on Saturday, February 1st with SHOWTIME at 7:00 p.m.
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Sneak Peek At Monster Jam At Raymond James Stadium In Tampa