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If you’re a parent…it’s the one thing you hear all the time…. I’m hungry!

I recently moved in with my boyfriend who has 3 little ones and they are always hungry…but we don’t want them to eat chips and cookies all the time…so when I saw this story on, I had to click on it and share it with you.

I know how much easier it is just to grab a bag of something store bought,  but we all know its not healthy.  Parents pay for it later with the sugar rush and then the sugar crash.  So what can we give them?

There are some easy and healthy snacks that are convenient for kids to eat.

Kids can eat yogurt, fresh veggies and fruit, nuts, whole grains, hummus and bean spreads and cottage cheese at any time.

These snacks will not cause a sugar rush, followed by the crash.

Check out the article on good ideas for keeping these snacks fresh and available for the kiddos.

The bonus too, is that you won’t have all that stuff around your house and be tempted to eat it yourself.