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The Florida State Fair is coming and they just announced some of the new food items

The Florida State Fair kicks off Feb 6th and runs until Feb 17.

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Here are some of the new items this year:  All fat-free of course:

Peanut Butter Ramen Burger
New from Carousel Foods — A Ramen noodle bun with a 1/4 pound burger and two strips of bacon, topped with a peanut-butter vinaigrette-dressed Chow Mein Asian Slaw.

Cheesy Sriracha Funnel Cake Bites
New from Out of this World Funnel Cakes — cheesy funnel cake pieces, deep-fried and topped with four cheeses and chives, served with Sriracha aioli, ranch or garlic butter dip.

The S’mores Doughnut
New from Peachey’s Baking Co – an Amish doughnut filled with marshmallow creme, topped with a melted dutch chocolate drizzle and a torched marshmallow.

Sweet Heat Jalapeño Ice Cream
New from Coolicious Treats — experience the best of both worlds with the “Sweet Heat” of jalapeño & chocolate-flavored ice cream served in a cup.

S’mores Funnel Cake
New from Paulette’s Food Service – classic funnel cake, topped with mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce and crushed graham crackers.

Steak N Eggs Sundae
New from DeAnna’s Steak Sundaes — fresh cut fries layers with warm cheese, sour cream, real bacon. next is a scoop of cheesy grits, a fried egg, and topped with mouth-watering sirloin steak.

S’mores on a Stick
New from Pence’s Carmel Corn — a larger than life marshmallow, dipped in sweet, melted chocolate and rolled in crunchy graham cracker pieces.

Pina Colada Candy Apple
New from The Apple Cart — a crisp apple coated in a hard crunchy pina colada flavored candy available with or without coconut.

Cheeseburger On-A-Stick
New from DeAnna’s Diner — a grilled Angus beef patty, dipped in DeAnna’s secret batter, deep fried and drizzled with a warm cheddar cheese sauce.

Cheesy Tater Corn Dog
New from Best Around — a cheese-filled hotdog on a stick, dipped into a potato and corn dog batter, coated in Panko, deep fried until golden brown and crunchy.

The Orie
New from Best Around — an Oreo funnel cake like never before! Sweet cream filling sandwiched between two chocolate funnel cake batter cookies.

Candy Corn
New from Pence’s Carmel Corn — sweet and crunchy popcorn with fun, multicolor coatings, in banana, bubble gum, raspberry and green apple flavors!

Strawberry Lemonade Shortcake Sundae
New from DeAnna’s Steak Sundaes — warm cinnamon sugar donut pieces drizzled with lemonade frosting, fresh strawberry slices and homemade whipped cream on top.

Cajun Chili Cheese Fries
New from DeAnna’s Steak Sundaes — fresh cut cajun fries, with hot sauce, cheese, and grilled onions, topped with Beef Chili con carne, Jalapeño slices and Parmesan cheese.

Hawaiian Jerk Chicken Pizza
New from Angela’s Pizza — a white garlic sauce based pizza topped with jerk chicken, diced pineapple, ham, and mozzarella cheese, available whole or by the slice.


Okay… I think I just gained 20 pounds just reading about it.

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