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Just saw this headline and had to share!  Do you remember this story?

This makes me so happy!  I cannot imagine losing my dog and not knowing where he is or if he is being cared for.

Remember the story of the Lyft driver who picked up a Rottweiler on the side of the road – and no one heard from him….well.. Mahi is back home!!!

Jason Gell was in Las Vegas on Tuesday when he got the news and took the red-eye flight to reunite with his pup!

The Lyft driver told police he thought the dog was lost when he discovered it in the St. Pete neighborhood on Nov. 2nd at 1am.

Apparently a worker at Jason’s home left a gate open, allowing Mahi to escape.

Mahi was about six blocks down the road, when the driver saw the dog and tried to get him in the car, but he escaped..

There is a Welcome Home party for Mahi at Ferg’s Sports Bar and dog park Thursday from 5-9 p.m. has more in this story.